Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Over The Counter Orthotics

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to custom orthotics, is that they consider the over the counter orthotics to be the completely same thing, however, they could be not more wrong.

While this article is going to compare the basics and the differences between the two, you should check out https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/ in order to find out all the information that you need to know about custom orthotics which is not covered in this article.

What is an orthotic?

Surprisingly, not a lot of people are familiar with the word, even if we encounter this object every day. An orthotic is that part of the shoe which is inserted in order to make the shoe comfortable, to realign the foot, and restore balance as well as reduce pain. There are various things that an orthotic does, but you can easily identify it as the layer of your shoe that is in contact with your foot.

Custom orthotics surprisingly look quite similar to the regular orthotics, but they definitely feel different

Is the difference only in the price?

It is quite a popular to say that the more expensive things are not better in quality, but that they are just more expensive because of the certain brand and lifestyle they represent. While that might be true when it comes to certain phones and computers, and in various cases clothing as well, when it comes to orthotics that is not the case at all.

There is a reason why over the counter orthotics are much cheaper than the custom-made ones, and that is simply because the effort put into it is not as nearly as big as the effort put into making custom orthotics.

There are various over the counter orthotics that you can purchase these days, and while there are plenty of over the counter orthotics that are pre-molded to fit certain conditions and deformations, the most popular ones these days seem to be the ones which you can “customize yourself”, which you are actually just cutting to fit your shoe size as needed, and nothing else.

Custom orthotics are not made in any preset way, but instead, they are created to fit every patient’s leg individually. Every custom orthotic is unique, and while it might be similar for people who do not suffer from any conditions, they are definitely completely different for patients that suffer from some deformative conditions, like for example, flat feet.

The quality is also unmatched

Over the counter orthotics are not always made from the best material, and the ones that are, usually have a pretty high price themselves, which often give the illusion to their customers that they are a pretty good choice.

Custom orthotics are always created from the best possible materials, especially if you decide to create them from someone with a good reputation. If you are looking for a trust worthy podiatrist, then you should check out https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/podiatrist-ryde/, and contact them about creating a pair of custom orthotics that will perfectly fit your needs.

Podiatrists will help you understand your condition while making your custom orthotics

Final Word

Custom orthotics have always been a much better solution than the over the counter orthotics, however, a lot of people are not aware of that, because all they see is the price tag. However, because the custom orthotics are not as hard to create as they were in the past, the prices are dropping to a reasonable level, allowing more people to help themselves in their battle against foot problems.

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