What You Must Know About Losing Weight With Cookie Diet


If someone were to tell you that you can lose weight by eating cookies, you would probably think that the person is pulling your leg. However, that is precisely what a recent weight loss strategy aptly called the “cookie diet” has to offer. So does it work?


As its’ name suggests, cookie diet is a diet plan that revolves around the idea of eating nothing but cookies to control cravings and using them to replace meals as a means to limit one’s calorie intake. Cookie diets have little calories made for those who want to achieve substantial weight-loss on a short-term basis.


History of the cookie diet


The Cookie Diet is the brainchild of Dr Sanford Siegel and resulted from his efforts of creating a diet plan for his patients in 1975. The idea was to consume six cookies a day — 3 for breakfast and another 3 for dinner. It offers a simple diet to lose weight fast although the good doctors warn that people should not undergo the process without consulting their physician.


If you wish to slim down, rather than taking in a hamburger sandwich, you can replace that treat with cookies.  According to many weight loss experts, it is easier to stick with any diet plan if people do not feel too restricted by it. This is one area that the Cookie Diet truly excels in and has worked wonders for many people.


Types of Cookie Diet


Now before you ask where to buy cookie diet , it is well worth considering that there are plenty of variations of the cookie diet in the market today. One good example is the recipe developed independently by Dr Sasson Moulavi in 2006 who used to work with Dr Siegel in 2002. The method is different, but the idea is the same.


The same goes for the latest craze based on the Cookie Diet which includes the “Hollywood Cookie Diet”. It is the very same with the very first two cookie diet strategies, but it is offered without a prescription. With this diet plan, exercise is not a part of the program.


There are numerous cookie diet plan recipes offered through the internet. All of it involves making cookies for short-term weight reduction. Examples of this are Diabetic Diet Cookies, Diet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Diet Raising Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Quick Diet Plan Cookies, and Diet Plan Applesauce Drop Cookies, Ada French Sponge Cookies, Amish Sugar Cookies to call some. You can download these recipes without having to pay a cent.


Some words of caution


Even if it states that you can start doing this weight reduction program utilising cookies, it is a good idea to discuss the matter first with your doctor. Better yet, join a program which has already helped people achieve healthy weight loss through the cookie diet. It can be expensive but it will cost you much more should you overlook something important and lead to complications. Also, keep in mind that a well-balanced diet plan and appropriate exercise and a bit of physical therapy is still the best way to achieve a healthy weight.

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