What does the Berkey water system remove?

When it comes to filtering systems  it does not get better than the Berkey water systems. The Berkey water systems have often been considered to the best for a large number of reasons. Some of these reasons would very well include the ability to purchase them at a very moderate price despite the value which they tend to offer, the versatility which they offer in the number of water filters which they would be able to treat in the long run and of course the ability to filter your water without removing some of the more essential minerals.

However, many persons do not seem to understand the vast nature of the Berkey filter systems. This extends to the number of impurities which they can remove from your water. What really can the Berkey water systems do?

What Berkey filter systems remove?

There are so many forms of contaminants in the water which is removed by the filter system. Here are a few of them;


One of the hardest things to remove from water would no doubt be fluoride. Most filter systems have a pretty hard job removing it. However, the Berkey filter systems work around the clock to ensure that this dangerous substance is removed from your water.

However, for more efficient removal, it is always important that you make sure that the pH of your water is kept within the ranges of 5-7.


Another quite dangerous toxin is Lead. The presence of Lead in water has been said to be the cause of so many issues. Some of the reports that have been reported about Lead give credence to the fact that it bioaccumulates in the body when it is taken in continually for a long period.

One of the biggest risks of having Lead in your water is when it leaves your house through your pipe. If Lead is being left untreated in your homes and water, then it can affect many things in your bodies such as the nervous system and even the development of memory and the brain of your child. It can also lead to other complications such as an increase in the blood pressure in humans and eventually, hypertension. However, thanks to the Berkey filter systems, it is now possible to completely avoid the issues which are caused by the presence of Lead in water.

One way how they achieve this is because of the charcoal function which is available on the filter system. With this feature, it is quite easy to take out the aluminum which is contained in water. In turn, the Lead would be completely removed.

Chemicals and Bacteria

One of the leading substances that are contained in water would have to be the presence of chemicals and bacteria in water. They can cause a host of diseases which would limit your health condition in the long run. With the use of Berkey filter systems, you can limit or completely remove the threat which bacteria would have on your water.

The Berkey filter systems come with self-cleaning filters which would ensure that the threat of bacteria and other chemicals that may get into your water is eliminated.


The truth is that chlorine is used to keep some types of water clean. However, chlorine is terrible for drinking. For this reason, they would surely need to be filtered completely. Berkey filter systems are completely adept when it comes to the removal of chlorine from water. It is my natural then that you should look to use these filter systems if you have any issues with chlorine.

Berkey filtration systems are some of the best on the market. As earlier stated, they can be gotten for very affordable prices as far as you shop well. USA Berkey filters remove the need to compare prices between various shops as they have some of the best prices in the United States. This combined with the efficient delivery methods that they have and have shown in their previous dealing, you can be assured that you would get your filter systems in less than no time.

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