Top 4 Key Points You Should Know About Hair Transplants

As we all know that the problem of hair loss that presents the baldness with a different grade of Norwood class is occurring due to a genetic factor. The genetic baldness is scientifically called as the Androgenic alopecia that is more associated with men. The females also experience the genetically caused hair loss, but a total picture of baldness is not seen in women, except the thinning of hair and widening the gap between the partitions.

The best solution as a permanent remedy to get over the problem of baldness is the hair transplant procedure that involves the hair roots transfer from the donor location onto the recipient bald portion in such a manner that the people get a head full of hair.

Nowadays, hair transplant in India is one of the best options due to the influence of medical tourism in India that are well-maintained by the best packages and rate, easily accessible to every economic class of people.

As far as price is concerned, the hair transplant cost in India comes under the budget-cost decision facilitated with the option of the best services and care with plus the benefit of expert Surgeons & Doctor.

As a matter of fact, the hair transplant procedure is a single cosmetic surgery procedure in the world of plastic & cosmetic surgery that can regenerate the original hair roots from the patient’s own body and well-approved by the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons.

Here we are listing Top 4 Key Points of Hair Transplants that anyone Must Know:

  • Hair Transplant is a process of transferring the hair roots from same Scalp:

One of the most important aspects of hair restoration procedure is their method of transferring the hair roots that are taken from the patient’s own scalp known as the donor area and later shifted to the recipient area where baldness experiences termed as the recipient area. This is a plus of the procedure that makes them a completely a natural process, which is free from any kind of side effects or ill effect if performed by the best hair transplant Surgeons.

  • Hair Transplant is a Permanent Solution:

Yes, hair transplant is a permanent solution of baldness as it facilitates the process of regeneration of hair roots from the area where baldness occurred. The process of transferring of hair roots is actually a natural one that retains the natural characteristics of color, caliber, length and life and remains forever on the scalp.

  • The Transplanted Hair retains the characteristics of Original Hair Roots:

The transplantation procedure involves the root shifting from the safe donor area, which has DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out and remains forever on the scalp and that is why it is selectively used in the hair transplant procedure. The safe donor is on the scalp are back & sides, scientifically known as the occipital & parietal part of the scalp and the hair roots of this location retains their original characteristics of resistivity to DHT despite of being transplanted. However, the transplanted hair lasted forever and a permanent solution.

  • FUT Hair Transplant method is the way to receive the permanent results:

The FUT technique of transplantation involves the strip of the skin excision only from the safe donor area that gives the permanent results. On the other hand, the FUE technique caters the root extraction from the unsafe zone because of random punching process results in getting the temporary hair roots that fall over time.


On the whole, we can say that the hair transplantation is a concerning topic that must understand from both the Doctors and patient’s side in order to get over the problem of hair loss/baldness as well as addressing the problem with the best selection method.

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