Suboxone Abuse in Davenport: Signs a Loved One is Addicted


There are a lot of pitfalls and potential problems that can come along with replacement drug therapy.  Replacement drug therapy is a new age medical form of detoxing and rehabilitating those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol by giving them different drugs to help them wean down off of the drugs that they were initially addicted to.  This is often what Drug Rehab Davenport patients try to do before checking-in to rehabilitation. However, the problem with this method is that half the time those who do this method then end up getting addicted to the drugs that they were trying to get off of in the first place.  For example, one of the biggest problems with this in the United States is with Suboxone, a common drug that people take to help them with opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Often, opiate users who want to stop abusing drugs will begin a methadone or Suboxone program to help them wend own off of the opiate drugs that they are addicted to. However, since Suboxone is a synthetic opiate itself, users often begin to abuse this drug in order to receive some of the same effects from it that they got from traditional opiates. If left untreated, Suboxone addiction can have the same negative consequences as other drugs can.  With Suboxone and Methadone, it’s often right out of the frying pan and into the fire for those who take these substances, even if they had good intentions when they initially began taking them.

The Problem in Davenport

Davenport already has a bad opiate abuse and addiction problem, so the fact that this is an issue here too is really not surprising.  Some cities and some areas do not really have a hard time when it comes to opiates and opiate antagonists, (Suboxone, Methadone, Subutex, etc.), but some cities do, cities like Davenport. Drug Rehabilitation Davenport found that since the winter, there has been a spike in it’s use. This city is currently experiencing a vicious back and forth from one addiction problem to the other with the problem being a particularly serious one when it comes to opiate abuse.  Illinois is one of the top opiate abuse states in the nation, and Davenport is no different.

One of the well-published side effects of Suboxone is that it can cause a person to become physically dependent on it and mentally reliant upon it, just as is the case with any other drug that has anything to do with opiates.  Dependency simply implies that a person’s body feels the need for more of the drug if that person attempts to go on without it and live without it.

However, addiction and abuse come into play when a person take matters into your own hands and begin using Suboxone in excessive quantities or at times when it’s not really necessary to use it.  This is the transition period in which one transfers over from having a medication to actually being addicted to that medication. Since Suboxone is often administered in an outpatient setting too, addicts will attempt to falsify prescriptions in order to get stronger doses, or increase the amount they’re allowed to obtain.  This just makes the whole situation that much worse says Drug Rehab in Davenport.

If one becomes addicted to Suboxone in Davenport, then it’s time to hang it up and enter into an inpatient rehabilitation program.  The truth is that replacement drug therapy has only about a fifty percent success rate, meaning that half of the people who try to do that method just end up getting addicted to the replacement drug or relapse back on to the drug of their choice.  This makes for a tricky and disturbing situation, but with proper inpatient rehab, the whole problem and issue can be handled properly once and for all.

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