Online Health Platforms As An Alternative For Direct Medical Consultation.

Technology today has served as a platform for various activities ranging from education, fashion, politics and yes, health. Health is not left out of the list of accessible platforms on the Internet. One of the greatest achievement of health on the Internet is the provision of online doctors that provide prescriptions much easier for people from all around the world.

The benefits derivable from the use of online doctors are quite much but I will open your eyes to a few of them. You can get to access a doctor at your own convenience within the comfort of your home. In hospitals before getting to see a doctor, you might have to go through series of protocols and appointments and you might probably have to queue before you get to see one, but right on the Internet, you can access and communicate with a whole lot of doctors simultaneously. This has an intrinsic benefit because no matter how critical your medical case might be, you are sure to get a doctor to provide the right medication unlike in the physical case, if a doctor can’t proffer a solution, then you’ve got to search for another doctor, and that is another round of stress- an appointment, queueing and all that….. I am sure no one likes stress. So here is the easy way out- Online doctors.

Secondly, it is also cost saving,  you don’t have to spend your money travelling. The online platforms really have an extra edge over the physical one in this area especially if you are not so fortunate to meet the doctor to proffer a solution to your health problem at your first medical consultation. With online doctors, all it might cost you will be your data subscription and nothing more. It is also time-saving, considering appointment and time spent queueing.

Though receiving medications online has its good share of advantages, it also has its fair share of critics. One of the popular critics is that the possibility of wrong administration of drugs or medication could be very high. Due to the indirect contact between doctors and patients, there is a possibility that the patients might not properly give an account of his health problem, this could result in misunderstanding on the part of the doctor and an eventual wrong drug or treatment administration. Also, it has been researched that patients deliberately feed the doctors with wrong informations in order to get the wrong drug prescription. These are pitfalls in online health platforms. The indirect contact between a doctor and a patient might not make the doctor able to really understand what the patient really feels, like the saying “action speaks faster than words”. So the action of the patient might be a better form of communication of what the patient really feels.

The effects of these barriers could be tackled by adopting some measures. Misunderstanding on the part of the doctor can be corrected if doctors adopt the usage of online video conferencing to communicate with patients. This way they can be able to better understand the clients and get to see the expression of what the patient really feels through facial gestures. Alternatively, doctors could also adopt the use of confirmative feedback messages to confirm if what the patient as reported as the issue is what they’ve really captured.

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