Nivea Men: ValueMags

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company for magazine and magazine publishers that is dedicated to showcasing exceptional products. Among their exceptionally ordered and popular magazines are Men’s Fitness magazine and other magazines related to men’s fitness, fashion, grooming, and much much more. ValueMags is one of the only companies that markets these magazines that actually provides them to their employees and looks through them. A recent article in one of the mens focused magazines touches on Nivea Men’s Sensitive Skin Care products.

ValueMags researchers have found that among the many important statistics related to Nivea Men, Nivea Men’s US market is estimated to be valued at $3.2 billion while their Canadian market is valued at $320 million. The company is significantly growing and their goal within the next couple of years is to increase their market share. Some of their main competitors include Old Spice and Axe. Both Old Spice and Axe have dominated the market they want to market to. Their market is youthful and on a budget. Although Axe and Old Spice are popular product amongst young men, they are not as affordable. Additionally, they appeal to men’s masculinity but forget about the professionalism and grooming needs that men want and need. Nivea Men is dedicated to Men’s skin care before and after they groom their faces and their bodies. It is just as important as it is for women, that men have presentable and healthy skin. Nivea Men is among the most affordable high performance brands on the market. ValueMags found that the article expands into other reasons why Nivea Men’s Sensitivity campaign will likely be successful.

Although they have just launched their campaign, many employees at ValueMags are already convinced just by reading the magazine article. ValueMags highly encourages men to try Nivea Men Sensitive skin care products. Any of their 9 sensitive oriented products will do the job!

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