Importance of Informing your Car Accident Doctor about Pre-Existing Injuries

In the event of you have suffered car accident injuries, your best bet would be to look for a New York Car Accident Injury Doctor. However, not all would be able to consider finding the right car accident injury doctor in the region. Let us delve on some of the important aspects to consider when searching for the right car accident injury doctor to suit your specific needs.

  • Your best bet would be to search for a doctor who has expertise in handling specific kinds of injuries.
  • You should not rely on your primary care doctor for diagnosing or treating your injuries in the right manner.
  • You would need injury doctors having an adequate understanding of the importance of documenting the causes along with the long-term effects of your injuries in your medical record.

A majority of primary care doctors would not be inclusive of essential information that has been requisite in your medical records. A majority of doctors would not be able to understand as they would not be expert in handling such injuries. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to understand and gain knowledge on finding the right doctor after a car accident to treat you in a proper manner.

Inform the doctors about prior injuries

Ensure to tell your doctors about all your previous conditions and injuries. You should not hide your pre-existing injuries and conditions from the treating doctor. In the event of you hiding the pre-existing conditions or injuries would hurt your credibility along with your recovery.

In the event of you bringing your claim and hide your doctors about previous injuries, the insurance company would make you a liar.

Poor impression on the insurance company

The insurance companies would have the impression that you are not truthful and it would also hamper your claim. Insurance companies would not trust you, as you deliberately did not tell the doctor about your personal injuries.

Whether pre-existing injuries would hamper your case

You should rest assured that pre-existing injuries would assist your case and not hamper it.

People having pre-existing injuries would be relatively easier to hurt, but harder or difficult to fix. Contrary to popular belief, it would not be wrong to suggest that people with pre-existing injuries would be entitled to more recovery.

Therefore, if you ensure that you brag about your pre-existing condition or injury to everyone including your doctor, you should rest assured that the doctor could deal with it. Moreover, you would sound believable to the insurance company or the court.


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