Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Can Produce Permanent Results

Weight loss is a major source of worry for a very large percentage of the population and many people are hopping from one diet to the next or from one weight loss pill to the next in the hope of achieving a satisfactory result. There is no doubt that some of these diets and pills do have some success, but if they were all as good as their promoters claim there would not be nearly so many people still struggling.

A major cause of the problem of weight loss is that in most cases it requires willpower. In that respect it is very similar to trying to stop smoking. Some people do achieve that and may stop for months. Then one day they think that perhaps just one wouldn’t hurt, and before they know it they are back to 20 a day.

There are also other procedures for weight loss such as liposuction which includes such things as cryolipolysis, 3D shockwave cellulite removal, ultrasound cavitation, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, and more, which are non-invasive or minimally invasive and for which good results are claimed. More drastic, is the surgical fitting of a gastric band which reduces the size of the stomach and as a consequence results in the patient being unable to eat as much as previously.

However, there is now also a process of hypnotherapy for weight loss which is a non-surgical procedure, the purpose of which is to trick the mind into believing that the patient has undergone gastric band surgery. If the mind truly believes that the patient has a gastric band then it will “know” that the patient cannot eat as much as before. The result is that the patient does, indeed, eat less and as a result loses weight. The result is permanent because the patient continues to eat less.

The hypnotherapy is combined with training on how to make proper life choices when it comes to food in the future. There would be little point in eating less but choosing foods that are very fattening.

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