How To Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Cooler?

One of the significant disadvantages of even the best memory foam mattress is that they get too hot. It retains the body heat much more than another type of mattress making the bed warm Especially during hot nights. That dramatically affects the sleep quality and does not provide the Much-needed rest. Though there is no way to control the amount of heat these foam mattresses retain, there are ways to get better sleep without feeling hot. Read below to learn more.

Buy cool sheets: Check the thread count before you buy bed sheets, often people are under the impression that a higher thread count is better, but that is not so. A high thread count makes it less breathable. A bed sheet with a thread count of 200 to 800 is soft and breathable as it does not trap heat. You can also choose natural fibers which are not only environment-friendly but also highly breathable. Synthetic fibers should be avoided as it does not allow air circulation and hence increases the heat.

Mattress topper: It prevents direct contact of the body with the mattress. Look for gel infused memory foam toppers as it allows air circulation and keeps it cool. Another advantage of these toppers is that it can absorb movements of your partner and reduce disturbance apart from providing extra cushioning.

Choose proper bedframes: If you look at the specs of the memory foam mattress online, you will learn that they are made of polyfoam and memory foam layers which inhibits air  circulation. It is thus essential to buy bedframes that improve airflow. Bedframes made of wood and metal have slats that are spaced evenly which help airflow under the mattress while slatless frames restrict it. Moreover, slats should be adequately spaced, else there will be sags in the bed leading to indentations. Improper slatted frames can damage your mattress which is not covered in the warranty.

Pillows: Look for pillows which can cool the body. Natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and features tend to keep the head cool which can further decrease the overall temperature of the body. Some pillows made of shredded memory foam or gel induced memory foam also reduce heat when compared to standard memory foam pillows.

Control your body temperature: Apart from using cooling toppers, sheets and pillows there are ways a sleeper can keep the heat down.

  • Proper airflow: The best way to improve airflow is to open the windows. If it leads to other issues like noise, then you can use a fan which circulates air.
  • Use a two-way fan: In hot weather, a fan can be quite useless as it circulates hot air. To solve this problem, you can buy a bidirectional window fan which gets fresh air from outside and removes the warm air from inside the bedroom.
  • Switch off the lights: Lights on the false ceilings and bedlamps also give away heat making your sleep more uncomfortable. To avoid this situation, turn off the lights 30 minutes before you plan to sleep giving time to cool the room.
  • Sleepwear: Use nightwear which is made of natural fabric instead of synthetic so that they are breathable and help you stay cool.
  • Drink water: A glass of water before bed can help the body cool down and enable you to sleep better on the orthopedic memory foam mattress or any other memory foam mattress; You can also opt for a cold bath before bed.

If you have a memory foam mattress and you feel hot in the middle of the night, then it is best to consider buying a topper or cool pillows or sheets. Also, follow the tips mentioned above to maintain your bedroom temperature. You can also check out the gel induced memory foam mattress from WakeFit which offers a cooler sleep than ordinary memory foam mattresses.

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