How to Determine if you should undergo Ovarian Cancer Surgery or not?

When it comes to ovarian cancer and its treatment, you are bound to have loads of questions and aspects to consider. The major questions would be about cancer along with the treatment to eliminate it completely. Tiffany Brown, a reputed and reliable gynecologic oncologist would answer and help you understand the most common questions apropos ovarian cancer and the treatment.

Are you skeptical about clinical trials being safe or fair?

You should rest assured that the recent concerns in gene therapy trials have laid emphasis on focused public attention on the overall safety of clinical trials. It would be pertinent to mention here that cancer clinical trials have been securely regulated and closely monitored for adequate safety. It would be in your best interest to follow a detailed plan. However, the plan should be approved by requisite authorities prior to putting into practice.

Do you think chemotherapy to be a good option and an integral aspect for a clinical trial?

It would not be wrong to suggest that participation in clinical trials would enable women to gain access to the latest treatments while adhering to the prevalent standards of care therapy. You should rest assured that no patient under these circumstances should receive an ineffective placebo. In the event of a treatment used in trial becomes the latest standard of care, you would be amongst the foremost to benefit from it.

Alternatively, in case you have been receiving standard treatment rather than the latest agent as an integral aspect of the trial, you have lost nothing by participating in it. Several patients in clinical trials would acquire additional-careful disease surveillance along with frequent follow-up visits. It would be imperative to mention here that participation would remain voluntary even before you start the treatment.

How to find about ovarian mass being cancerous prior to surgery?

Despite there have been no accurate methods of predicting whether the ovarian mass is cancerous or not, you should rest assured that blood tests would assist in measuring the risks. It would help the gynecologic oncologist determine whether the patient having an ovarian mass should be referred to surgery. The best mode to manage these kinds of masses would be surgical removal of the affected ovary.

However, in the event of ovarian cancer being diagnosed during surgery, Alberto Mendivil, a gynecologic oncologist could determine whether cancer had spread beyond the ovary or not. In case, you were doubtful, it would be best to have a gynecologic oncologist involved prior to making the decision of undergoing the surgery.

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