How often should you wash your hair?

There is no one size fits all recommendation for how often you should wash your hair. As your scalp has sebaceous glands that produce different levels of sebum (the oils that cause hair to become dirty). Your hair’s oiliness can be influenced by environmental factors – those who live in cities or work in dusty environments will need to wash their hair more frequently.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, excessive washing, especially with harsh products can result in hair loss and damage.

The things that make your hair oily

Those with thicker hair tend be able to last longer without washing than those with thinner hair which becomes dirty and oily faster. This is the same with straight hair, as curly hair needs sebum to maintain its curls and to prevent hair becoming frizzy.

Styling products, like hairsprays and moose, can build up on your scalp and hair and may mean that you need to wash your hair more regularly. Avoiding these products might mean you can go longer between washes.

If you’re doing a lot of sport you will need to wash your hair, as sweat will pile up and clog your pores causing your hair and scalp to become dirty. This means that after physical activity it’s likely you’ll need to wash your hair.

Thickness, styling, and lifestyle will influence how often you need to wash your hair so find a routine and product that works for you.

Best ways to combat oiliness

The main product use to reduce oiliness in hair is dry shampoo.  This product can be an ideal option if you need a quick fix, but don’t have time to wash your hair. It absorbs dirt and excess sebum giving the impression your hair is newly washed.

Dry shampoo is not intended to be a replacement for regular shampoo and conditioner, just something to lengthen the time between washing.

What we recommend

The natural oils found in your hair help to keep the hair moist and regular washing can create dryness. If you’re looking for a good guide on what’s a normal level of hair washing people tend to wash their hair two to three times per week.

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