Dealing with hair fall problems: 5 tips and tricks

Across the globe, people of various age-groups experience baldness or hair fall. They should not get anxious about it; it is natural. Improper diet, nutrient deficiency, pollution, genetics, aging, and medications are the factors that can lead to hair loss. Wearing a cap is another reason behind such a condition. Continue reading to get the right solutions for treating your hair fall issue.

The 5 tips to lessen hair fall

  1. Prefer vitamins

For both health and hair, vitamins are helpful. Vitamin A aids in improving the production of sebum in your scalp. Vitamin B helps in preserving the shade of the hair.

  1. Using mild shampoo for rinsing

One can stop hair fall by doing regular rinsing. With this approach, the hair and scalp area stays clean. Washing the head with a mild shampoo like Indulekha shampoo can reduce the chances of dandruff, and infections which can cause hair damage.

  1. Do not brush on wet hair

The hairs are in the weakest position when they are wet. Thus it is better to avoid using a brush when the hairs are wet, or else you will end up losing more hair. Try not to brush the hair frequently; it can lead to damage to hair. For undoing the knots, use your fingers instead of a brush or comb. Apply Indulekha neemraj oil for deep massaging of your scalp.

  1. Hydration is necessary for healthy hair

Drinking a minimum of 4 to 8 glasses of water daily is crucial for hair growth. Water helps in delivering moisture to the dry scalp and taking out toxins.

  1. Quit cigarettes and alcohol

Cigarette smoking can restrict the blood flow to your scalp, leading to a decline in hair growth. Alcohol, on the other end, is liable for hair fall, too; so, it is good to stop or lower the intake of alcohol.

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