Centrophenoxine the Memory Booster

Centrophenoxine is basically a Nootropic supplement that is known to have tremendous benefits on memory, mind and overall cognition and brain power. Here the term Nootropics means mind-tuning in the Greek language. It falls into the category of sources of Choline as it boosts the acetylcholine neurotransmitter that is present in the brain. It is known to have a powerful impact on brain thus controlling your intellect and preventing loss of memory caused due to aging.

Its amazing benefits

Centrophenoxine is known to offer a range of benefits for both your brain and body like:

  • Improvement of memory Centrophenoxine is well-known as a memory booster. Its primary act is to provide additional choline and facilitate the production of acetylcholine, which controls the cognitive function in general, particularly the memory.
  • Improved fluid intelligence – Centrophenoxine can improve the fluid intelligence, i.e. the ability to solve problems without depending on acquired knowledge.
  • Improved brain function – The drug is considered to be a very good neuro energizer as it stimulates the intake of glucose, oxygen consumption and production of carbon dioxide. This increased intake of glucose and oxygen improves the nootropic effects and makes thoughts clearer, learning easier and other brain functions more efficient.
  • Increased energy – Many users feel that centrophenoxine has a subtle stimulant effect. If taken late in the daytime, its energy boost can disrupt regular sleep patterns.
  • Anti-aging effect – The powerful antioxidant effect of centrophenoxine protects the brain from any kind of age-related deterioration, flushes out the body toxins and repairs the damaged cells.
  • Alters the mood and motivates – The drug is known to have strong effects leading to motivation and improvement of mood. It also acts as a mild anti-depressant.

So, if your life is affected by any of these problems, then buy Centrophenoxinetoday and see its magical effect right away.

The usage guide

The ideal recommended dose for a young and healthy adult is about one to two 250 mg tablets in a day. With age, you can increase the dosage to say three to six 250 mg tablets every day. It is advised that you should not take it right before or after your breakfast or lunch to prevent any kind of sleep disorders. So, try and take early in the morning. This also helps you to remember things easily.

The safety factor

This particular supplement is not only safe but well-tolerated too. It can be taken by any healthy adult without any worries. Though it is quite mild and not at all toxic, still there are a few possible side effects of irritability, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, and nausea. If you face any of these then it is advised that you reduce the dose or stop taking the drug immediately. So, before you buy Centrophenoxine is very important that you have a clear idea about the probable side effects. Also, if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy even then you should avoid the drug. It contains DMAE which is known to cause birth defects of the fetuses. Hence, as a precaution, it is better that you avoid the drug during this particular phase of pregnancy.

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