An Overview Of Dermal Fillers: Get Rid Your Wrinkles And Lines!

Aging is natural, but you don’t have to carry the signs, thanks to a whole bunch of cosmetic procedures and treatments that are now available. If you are wondering about the costs involved in getting a facelift, a good alternative would be injectable wrinkle fillers. Also called a dermal filler, this is an instant treatment that fills up the lines, wrinkles and hollows of the face and targeted areas in just 30 minutes, and the results can last for as long as one year. There are many clinics, like Clinique Anti Aging¸which offer injectable wrinkle fillers, and in this post, we are discussing aspects you need to know.

Basics at a glance

Injectable wrinkle fillers, or dermal fillers, basically fill up the wrinkles and lines, so the targeted areas look plumper without the creases. It should be noted that fillers are not same as Botox, because the latter blocks the signals from nerves to the muscles, and therefore, Botox helps in reducing the effects of wrinkles with time. Think of wrinkle fillers as a more permanent solution, and the treatment is also used for just lifting and plumping specific parts of the face, such as cheeks and temples.

Are injectable wrinkle fillers safe?

Yes, injectable wrinkle fillers are safe, provided you visit a known clinic, where experts are administering the treatment. However, as with any kind of cosmetic procedures, there are inherent risks with this treatment, as well. Although rare, people getting injectable wrinkle fillers may get small bumps under the skin, while others can get allergies. Although all dermal fillers are meant to have an effect for a specific period, but the ones with long-term effects tend to have more side effects.

Other things to know

As we pointed earlier, wrinkle fillers are a great option, but this doesn’t mean that this would work for every type of wrinkle. Consider visiting a clinic that you can rely on and get your skin tested, so that the best kind of antiaging treatment can be considered. For example, for selected skin issues, wrinkle fillers are better than Botox, while a facelift might be essential for extreme aging signs. Make sure that the clinic has the necessary doctors and experts for the treatment, and they should offer an insight on the procedure, with risks, concerns, if any, in advance.

Done right, wrinkle fillers are a great choice for plumping your face and removing those awful wrinkles, almost instantly.

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