All you need to know about Invisalign

Invisalign is a dental care process that was developed in 1997 and was approved by FDA by 1999. It soon became popular in the USA. After a few more years, Invisalign became the most commonly used aligners compared to its alternatives. Millions of people started opting for the treatment. Let us know what it is all about.

How does Invisalign work?

The Invisalign system involves a unique series of aligners that gradually straighten teeth with time. You will be given a series of aligners to wear for two weeks before moving into another set. Different doctors have different ways of going about their treatment, and they plan it accordingly. For absolute success and satisfaction turning to Dr. Koshki can be smart. The entire process takes about one year to one and half years. It can also be shorter depending on the severity of malocclusion.

The outcome of the treatment will help you have straightened teeth without wearing metal braces. Metal braces do have a social stigma for adults, the Invisalign treatments are tailored towards youth and adults.

Advantages of Invisalign

When it is about straightening the teeth, there are many advantages of Invisalign over braces. Some of them are:

  1. Invisible solution to straighten teeth – most people will not know that you are using them
  2. Easy removable process – you can take them out when you eat or when you head to an important event
  3. Frequent changes – you get new aligners every fortnight or as soon as your doctor suggests.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

Traditional braces from orthodontists can undoubtedly help you straighten your teeth. There’s no way that we claim that Invisalign is more effective than braces. However, for adults who don’t want to wear braces all the time, this works better. On the contrary, there are no such drawbacks that makes Invisalign not be the ideal option for you. Braces are generally painful and ugly, while Invisalign are not. However, your doctor will be able to suggest the best options for you according to your condition. If you are looking to avoid braces, you should opt for Invisalign.

Adult patients are grateful with the Invisalign treatment and they can now have straightened teeth. Many children who were neglected in their young days grow up to have teeth problems and Invisalign is an ideal way to correct those backlogs.

Why choose the Invisalign treatment?

Teenagers and adults who want to fix their crooked or crowded teeth, and don’t want to choose braces, can choose Invisalign. Many doctors say that braces don’t help at an elderly age and that’s another reason that makes Invisalign better. You simply need to schedule an appointment and have an insight on what the Invisalign treatment is. Once you get the complete idea from a doctor, you will be able to differentiate how it makes a better process compared to braces. Make sure you know what you need to, about taking care of your teeth during the process. This will help you heal quicker and better.

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