All You Need to Know About Cilest

What is Cilest?

CIlest is a combined oral contraceptive pill. You need to take daily for it to be an effective birth control method. Cilest contains estrogen and progesterone, just like the other contraceptive pills available in the market.

How do you take Cilest?

To be an effective way in preventing pregnancy, you must take cilest at the same time every day. With the “same time”, it could be any time of the day that is comfortable with you, as long as you follow your routine. You can take Cilest together with a glass of water. Combined contraceptives like Cilest needs to be taken for three straight weeks. After that, you need to take a week-long break from taking them during your period. Don’t worry as you are still safeguarded from pregnancy during the whole course of your break from Cilest.

What can happen if I forget to take Cilest?

Do your best and try not to miss or at least delay your consumption of the pill. If ever you forgot to take the pill at your designated time, you must take it as soon as you remember and take the next pill at the usual time. It doesn’t matter if you took two pills on the same day. Don’t worry as there is still a 12-hour window period if ever you miss taking the pill. That means you are still protected from getting pregnant within 12 hours. However, if you missed the 12-hour window period then it Is a must to use extra protection for 7 days.

How does Cilest work?

There are three ways in which Cilest prevents pregnancies. First, it prevents ovulation from happening. Then it causes the mucous at the womb entrance to thicken to make it more difficult for the sperm to go through the egg. Finally, a fertilized egg would find it difficult to attach itself and develop at the uterus wall.

Where can you buy Cilest?

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