5 Common Breast Development Problems and Treatment Options Available

Having one breast slightly different in size, shape and/or position than the other in a woman is completely normal. Such a difference is normally noticeable only to the woman herself and not to others.

However there are some problems with breast development that are more obvious and so, can cause considerable psychological problems along with physical ones and need medical advice and help.

Normal Breast Development

Breast development starts before birth and an unborn baby develops nipples and milk duct openings.

Girls in puberty develop breast buds which develop into mammary tissue. Breasts start protruding and areola darkens.

It’s normal for breasts to undergo changes throughout a woman’s life at various stages like menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

After menopause, due to reduction and eventual lack of oestrogen, connective tissue in the breast loses its elasticity and thus shape, resulting in a condition known as ptosis.

But just as sagging belly can be tightened with a professional tummy tuck Sydney at Breast & Body Clinic or from other reputable clinic out there, sagging breasts can be tightened with a surgical procedure.

Common Problems in Breast Development

1. Overdevelopment

Overdevelopment or hypertrophy of breast tissue causes the breasts to become overly large-sized. Women with such large breasts may be diagnosed with gigantomastia or macromastia, meaning abnormally large breasts.

Affected women often have pain in shoulder, back or neck, and their skin beneath the breasts usually becomes sore and even infected due to sweat and friction.

Treatment involves hormones like progesterone, testosterone or tamoxifen. But in severe cases, breast reduction surgery is advised to decrease strain on back and shoulders.

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2. Underdevelopment

On the other hand, women with hyperplasia have breast tissue that doesn’t completely mature and so, the breasts hardly develop.

This can happen due to several causes but the commonest is Poland’s syndrome in which there are no breast buds i.e. the small portion of tissue just under the nipple from which breast develops during puberty.

Poland’s syndrome also causes an absent or underdeveloped pectoralis muscle in the chest and may also cause other breast muscles to be abnormally developed.

Although historically natural methods like fennel and fenugreek have been used for underdeveloped breasts to increase breast size and milk production, there is no definite evidence that these natural methods are effective.

In such a case, surgical breast augmentation is the only treatment for women with underdeveloped breasts.

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3. Asymmetrical Breasts

As mentioned earlier, it’s normal to have a slight difference between two breasts. But when it becomes significant, it’s a problem.

Such a significant breast asymmetry can be corrected by a surgery once the normal breast development is complete.

4. Tuberous Breasts

As their name suggests, tuberous breasts are tube-like. These usually don’t cause a physical problem but a lot of psychological problems.

A physical problem with tuberous breasts is a condition called hypoplastic breasts in which breasts become tube-shaped because of an absence of breast tissue. This makes the breasts unable to produce milk and so, breastfeeding becomes impossible.

Tuberous breasts can be corrected by a surgery that can form a rounder shape with either an implant or breast uplift. Visit https://www.bbclinic.com.au/tuberous-breast/ or your trusted clinic’s website for more information.

5. Inverted Nipples

This happens when the milk ducts in the breasts are too short and so, pull nipples inside the breasts. In this condition, it’s impossible to pull nipples out even temporarily.

Nipple inversion also occurs at a later stage of life due to changes in breasts or during pregnancy or after breastfeeding.

This problem can often be rectified with a surgery. Some surgical procedures include only the skin and can maintain the ability to breastfeed later.

All in all, by consulting with your doctor, you can find the solution for your breast development problem and live a happy life.

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