10 Grooming Hacks Every Man Should Master

Who said grooming is a hectic routine that is usually time-consuming? It doesn’t matter how busy you are, good grooming is crucial if you want to look appealing or if you are having that impromptu meeting that you didn’t see coming.

Well, I have compiled a list of important life hacks that will not only save you time but also a few bucks.

  • Your deo-roll-on can prevent blisters

What can be worse than buying some really cool kicks but can’t wear them because of some pesky blisters? Well, you can get rid of those by simply swiping your roll on over your foot where blisters are likely to form before stepping into your new kicks. The roll on plugs up moisture and therefore prevents friction causing blisters

  • Use conditioner as a shaving cream

Apart from giving you that elusive smooth shave, your hair conditioner, unlike the shaving cream, is consistent and its moisturizing effects keep your skin supple. It also contains properties that keep the natural pH balance in check.

However, this only serves as a quick fix in times of emergency and should not be substituted for a shaving cream.

  • Whiten your teeth in an instant

You don’t really need to make that expensive teeth whitening trip to the dentist when you can do it yourself in the confines of your home. You will just need a few household ingredients to make your pearly extra white. Make a paste consisting of one teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice. Once a month, you will be for about 3 minutes. However, you should ensure that you thoroughly rinse your mouth to remove any residues.

You may also whiten your pearls using activated charcoal.  This requires that you only brush your teeth using the charcoal and rinsing thoroughly afterward to get impressive results in seconds.

  • Shaving after taking a shower

This might tweak your routine of shaving before a shower but it’s certainly worth it.  You see, when you take a warm shower before you shave, it opens up your pores and softens your hair follicles for that close and perfect shave

  • Get over your oily skin using coffee filters

When your skin gets greasy, you can take a plain coffee filter and blot it on your nose, cheeks, and chin. Leave it for three to four minutes then rinse it off. The tannin in the coffee controls the overproduction of sebum, thereby preventing your pores from clogging caused by excess oil. The filters also work to tone your skin.

  • Apply lip balm on shaving wounds to stop bleeding

As careful as we might try to be, we get shaving nicks once in a while when trying to get that perfect cut. Even though the cuts aren’t usually serious, the bleeding takes forever to cease. In such a case, take a small coat of non-flavored lip balm and gently dab it on the cut. This works as a seal to the blood flow instantly!

  • Tame your frizzy hair using a hand cream

During summer when the weather gets a little more humid, it leaves you with a kinky mess in place of a healthy looking mane. To curb this, take a small bit of hand cream and gently rub it between your palms, then run it through your hair. This temporarily tames your frizzy hair.

  • Use Vaseline to prevent chafing

During summer when you are most active, you may experience some friction, especially between your thighs. To stop this, rub a little Vaseline to stop the chafing.  This works like magic!

  1. Chew on some parsley to get rid of bad breath

Don’t snub that spicy, tasty looking food for fear of bad breath. After lunch or dinner, save a sprig of parsley to chew later on in order to get rid of the notorious breath especially if the food contained lots of garlic.

  • Dry your razor using a hair dryer to keep it sharp

Razor dullness is as a result of oxidation and rusting. To avoid this and to keep your razor sharp and increase its longevity, dry it off with a hair dryer.


You will never have a second chance to make a first impression. However, with the tips given above, you don’t need to adopt that a lengthy regimen to achieve that a million bucks look!

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