How Does Hair Detox Shampoo Functions?

You have to look around to see that there are numerous drug tests available on the market. One of the most difficult to cheat and pass is the hair follicle drug test. This particular drug test functions that way that certified an individual, or technician will take you a part of the hair, 1.5-inches, as a drug test for a job interview, or in the criminal justice system.

Hair drug testing is almost impossible to fake, but due to its expensive price tag, most companies avoid to conduct it for their personnel. Other tests are not so accurate and won’t be able to demonstrate the entire drug history of the user.

On the other hand, hair follicle drug test can provide you the entire history of substance abuse, and you will need only a few days to get results. Therefore, it is a scary test especially for people who use banned substances such as cannabis.

One of the best ways to pass it is by thc hair detox shampoo, but we will mention that later in the article.

What Does Hair Follicle Test Show?

Hair drug test can quickly detect drug use for up to 90 days as well as different types of drugs too. Since you ingest drugs, they enter your bloodstream and finally open the blood follicle. After five to ten days, hair follicle will grow out into a piece of hair.

When technician cut that new hair, they will find out that you’ve been using something and how frequent you also did.

You should have in mind that hair follicle drug test can quickly detect a wide array of drugs including heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, PCP and even LSD. The drugs and their metabolites will stay in your hair for months.

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For example, THC, which is the main compound in weed, will remain in your hair shaft until you decide to cut it. Therefore, it is one of the most reliable tests for employers and law enforcement agents.

How Do Technician Perform Hair Follicle Drug Test?

When technicians summon you for a hair drug test, you will have to go to a specialized law enforcement building or clinic where professionals will remove approximately a 1.5-inches sample of your hair. They will try to remove a few strands next to the base of the skull so that they can find the best specimen for testing.

1.5-inches sample is typical because human hair tends to grow 0.5-inch. Since the test will make conclusions based on the last three months period, they will take that amount of hair to check what you did in that timetable.

Technicians will take a hair sample to a lab for processing, and you will get results in three days max.

How To Beat A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Similarly, as we said above, this particular test is trying to cheat and almost impossible. But some ways could help you reduce the number of cannabinoids in your hair and to detox yourself by using hair follicle shampoo.

The simplest way, of course, is to reduce the weed intake and to abstain for at least three months before the test. However, it is almost unbelievable that someone will tell you three months upfront that you will have testing.

Abstination is not the choice for individuals that didn’t have adequate warning and if you have to undertake the pre-employment test. The second method is to shave everything so that you can avoid drug testing.

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In case that you shave your head, they will require to get a sample from your body, which they can also test. It means that you have to cut your entire head and body to pass the test. However, the main issue with this particular method is that you will look suspicious because you cut everything right before the test.

It is not an effective method if you want to get hired by an employer or to get praise from a parole officer. If they notice that you did that, they can request from you the urine test, which will tell them if you used in the last few weeks.

Hair Detoxification

It is possible to beat the blood and urine tests by conducting a detox. It is much simpler to do it with hair. That is because once the hair grows, it will become dead, and cells will not cleaning themselves, so they won’t get affected by anything you consume.

That is the main reason why you should choose hair follicle detox shampoo so that you can remove and cleanse all toxins from your hair. The main problem is that you can find numerous hair follicle detox shampoos on the market and not all are equal.

Therefore, you have to be sure to research and to find the appropriate shampoo for your specific needs. The issue that could happen is that shampoos will clean the hair cuticle, but it won’t penetrate the shaft, which is the area for hair strands.

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